How it works

How does work?

Introduction : is an online platform dedicated to photography lovers and fans of unique artists, events or places. The site allows photographers to share their works, fans to discover new images and connect with their passions. This is how works:

     Registration and profile creation:
     To get started, register for free on by creating a user account. Fill in the basic information and personalize your profile with a photo and a short biography. You can then follow other users, share your own photos and participate in the community.

     Photo sharing:
     Once registered, you will be able to upload and share your photos with the community. Choose a title, add tags to make it easier to find, and select a category to categorize your photo. The more quality and relevant your images are, the more likely they will be liked and shared by other members.

     Discovery and interaction:
     Browse to see photos shared by other members. You can search for images using keywords, categories or by exploring the pages of your favorite artists, events or places. Interact with the community by liking, commenting and sharing the photos you like.

     Collections and favorites lists:
     Create collections to organize and save your favorite photos. This will allow you to easily find your favorites and share your tastes with other users.

     Contests and rewards: regularly organizes photography contests to highlight the talents of its community. Participate by submitting your best photos and try to win prizes and accolades.

     Premium subscriptions:
     For users who want advanced features, offers premium subscriptions. These subscriptions offer benefits such as the ability to upload high-resolution photos, access to editing tools and statistics, and benefit from better visibility on the platform.

In summary, is a user-friendly and dynamic platform for photography enthusiasts and fans of unique artists, events and places. Register now and dive into this exciting world of image and creativity.